Allen E.


We live in a day and age where hip hop is no longer simply defined. It is in fact a vibrant machine that is constantly changing daily.

Brian Collado (Born June 20, 1989) also known as ALLEN E. is one of the few in this profession, who has both the tools and talent, to bring something new to hip hop and take it to new heights. Allen E. packs that one-two punch that brings an explosion of new sounds and concepts.

The Native of New York has dedicated his life to perfecting a unique assortment of music. Allen E. used his surroundings and upbringings to not only motivate his music, but also to seek success in his creativity. Allen E. and his calm, collective and eccentric lyrics have their roots at the inner city of Manhattan, and suburbs of Rockland County, where his spirited and upfront New York style boosts his percussive like vibrations through the speakers. It wasn't until the year of 2007 when music became a full time gig. He got together with longtime friend, Brigantti, to form the group known as "GEM N' I".

Their band name originates from both being born in the zodiac sign of the Gemini. Later on they have ventured off into solo acts but they still work together as a group and best friends. For Allen E. diligence becomes the driving force, and confidence is the fuel. Allen currently has a mixtape out for download called "The Tour: Fly" and is process of his second installment of The Tour series called The Tour II: Stellar Living. Stay tuned for more music from Allen E. and his movement Stellar Living.

"A positive mind creates a positive grind. That's what Stellar Living is about." - ALLEN E.



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